Ghetto Grill 2.0

17 Jun

On a lazy Wednesday night (which goes for most of the weeknights, as the operative word here is “lazy”), M.B. decided to give our ghetto grill a new look.  Although I say “our” grill, I really can’t claim much credit since all I got to contribute was a series of “oooohs” and “ahhhhs” and some minor coloring.

The grill is now ghetto fabulous

On the same night, simultaneously, the show “Work of Art” debuted on Bravo.  In between commercial breaks I would pop my head out to see Godzilla and the SF skyline coming to life, then back on the couch to see a bunch of self- important phonies trivializing art by competing like they were in a sporting event.

China Chow went from the IT girl of early 90s to the host of this pompous, cringe induced "art" show... My deepest condolence.

Thank you but no thank you.  I’ll take Mothra on the mural of a yakitori grill over some over exposed incompletely screen printed death portrait of a live person playing possum ANY DAY.


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